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e-learning not elearning

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 29 Aug 2011, 12:43

I've just noticed, that whilst the OU spellchecker recognises e-learning, it does not recognise elearning.

What about eLearning?


Or e.learning?


If I am corrected for using 'e.learning' am I right or wrong?

Does being right or wrong matter?

It's just a word.

It's not even that.

It's a letter.



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all american

Guess that the OU spell checker is part of the Microsoft bundle of tricks, so it would be generically American with some nods to the English language as it is used here. I have put in microsoft with a lower case m to see and yes, it wants a capital.

Strange thing happened the other evening, when I had e-mailed a short story using the writers' online website system and the story has quite a few words and names in French; Microsoft opened a window that wanted to use my use of the language as part of the data bank, but I declined. The software was presumably programmed to pick up new usage, but it had scrambled the content and I wasn't prepared to unpick their garbled version.

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Hi Vicki. All fascinating. I have a passion for words. I loath the way any software can dictate my use of certain words, or my version of those words.

Especially in the English language which is so fluid, so ripe for invention.

My own efforts to write fiction haven't got me far. A TV film optioned, a short film made ... a few hopeful meetings that led to nothing. Good luck! Jonathan