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Just baked a cake. See Nuna Dune 21st September

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This might be my first ever cake having only ever helped out with my Mum when I was 10 or so.

Shame I have an intollerance to chocolate. Answer, eat cake, take Cocodamol.

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Jain Lloyd

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Hope the cake turned out well and tasted nice. smile
Design Museum

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Great cake. A chunk missing already (not me), a 12 year old who couldn't wait. Oh to be loved and to get something right.

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Just exactly what type of cake was this? I wanted to comment on your move-to-the-cloud post but couldn't...

Hope you enjoyed your cake and, by the bye, I love Nina stuff too wink

aw ra best


Design Museum

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Chocolate almond cake. All gone. Nina Dune's post 21st Sept. What next?