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Did your last essay look like a pot-plant?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011, 20:04

Have you develop the right writing style?

One that answers the question, with a clear introduction and conclusion (the stem) and that makes six or so fully developed points?

Like this?


After Mr D Rhodes, my RGS Geography Teacher. He was known of course as 'Dusty Roads.'

Or does it look more like this?

From Essay Style Visualised

Where you've answered the question, but only have one good point to make.

Or like this?

From Essay Style Visualised

Which I call the plagiarised essay ... you've bought it off the shelf (or lifted in from someone else's garden).

Or this?

From Essay Style Visualised

Not a dead or dying essay, but one overly skewed in its opinions (whether left or right).

Or this?

From Essay Style Visualised

Packed with a plethora of ideas and references, but developing no idea fully enough.

Or this?

From Essay Style Visualised

A few good ideas about something, but all irrelevant to the question. (Seven Twitters in a row doesn't an essay make).

Or this?

From Essay Style Visualised

An exotic piece of writing that misses the point entirely but is a good read all the same.

Or even this?

From Essay Style Visualised

In which the author has got caught up in the Christmas theme.

Enjoy! More in Picasa (which I think it is open to all comers).

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Janet Williams L197 R02 tutor

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I like this! Another way of 'mind-mapping'. Thanks.

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Priceless, Jonathan! Wish I'd seen this before I submitted my TMA (U211, Exploring the English Language) earlier today. Thanks for making me chuckle approve