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Signed up for H800!!!

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 7 Jan 2011, 15:15

Why I thought I'd need to delay this 'til 2013 I don't know. I'll press on no matter how busy I get. I'll be busy doing what the course teaches which makes it somewhat easier.

Have I ever written such a short entry? Not often.

The rule us 'serious' bloggers established in 2002 was 1,000 words per entry. Crackers. Even more crazy were the 24 hour writing marathons we did. 1,000 new words, on the hour every hour for 24 hours while messaging each other to make sure no one cheated (as I did) by writing 2,000 words in an hour then catching some sleep (which is exactly what I did).

Under 500 words sounds about right, 350 possibly optimum for one of these.

And on your own blogsite so that you don't nark the locals.

If I organised another Blogathon it would be 350 words an hour I think based on wanting to and being expected to read and respond to other people's entries.

If there is a theme it is suprising what this kind of effort produces, it captures some of the exam fever you get sitting in an examination hall, where a few neat sentences come from nowhere as the cut off is reached. When you've exhausted the possibilities it is surprising what gems the mind then throws up.

OU 'til October 2011 then.

wide eyes

Now, what's this about a Unit 10 task for H808 on wikis to write and an ECA to submit????

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