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H800: 4 The bud opens?

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H807, H808 to H800.

Either it is reflection of my growth through this course, or it is a blossoming of the MA ODE course. Looking at how we students will share contact details: Email, Skype, Blog and Twitter accounts suggests to me that any containment within the OU VLE is now cursory.

I feel this will increase its use, not diminish it.

This will remain the hub from which course materials, resources and context eminated with blogging, Skype and Twitter having their role to play.

All I can suggest to fellow students is to screen grab, cut and paste or download content you create beyond this platform as at some stage it is certainly going to form a significant part of your aggregated knowledge, possibly even evidence of participation.

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Warning: this is an off-the-cuff reaction...

One of the things that I worry about in this 'information-age' of ours is that more information != better knowledge.

If we have a multitude of platforms on which to share are we chancing that the people with whom we wish to share our hard-earned knowledge with may miss that we've shared it?

Are we also risking skewing the game towards those who can deal with the information inflow and against those who might effectively use that information?

You, Jon, have developed an almost magical skill for dealing with information. Think about how long that took you and how hard it was. Can everyone do that? Should it be a requirement?

The stupid thing about clever people is that they never see that they have abilities that others don't. We could put this down to the good-old British false-modesty, but in actually fact it's a real blind-spot--because I can do something easily you can do it easily too. Not so.

It takes a good deal of hard work to make things easy, but if everyone is working on their own easy, their easy that is different from everyone elses'?

You'll have heard of KISS[keep it simple stupid], for programmers this isn't an aspiration, it's a vital, if you don't do it you've failed. Utterly. And I'm beginning to wonder if the big wobbly www hasn't transgressed on something basic.

[Sorry for the waffle!]


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Never waffle. Well put and quite a set of compliments here too. 'Stream of consciousness' blogging will often be anything but 'Simple.' However, professionally I believe in K.I.S.S. It is what I strive to achieve. I never succeeded as a copywriter in advertising, but what they do is simpe and effective, where an idea expressed as an image (moving or still) with a strap line and copy works.