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Gobsmacked by Kindle and my first e-Book

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 9 Feb 2011, 12:51

In less than ten minutes I bought one of these.


I then bought this.


For now I'll read it on my laptop; the Kindle arrives tomorrow.

The world is changing, mine just has.

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I bought a Kindle for myself for Christmas - one of the best things I have ever owned.  Buying books from the kindle store is truly a wonder - they are literally there within seconds of hitting the buy button.

I read a lot and my husband is always complaining about how many books we have in the house, but guess what, I will never buy a paperback book again, or any other kind hopefully!!

Enjoy it.....


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My relationship with books hasn't ended, it has been refreshed. It is the contents that matter above all else. I wonder, if like a few sealed boxes of letters I have (hand written with a fountain pen with a stamp on them), a few sealed boxes of books will also become curiosities for my grandchildren to look at in ... twenty+ years time! What to keep?

Don't know if I'm quite convinced ... yet

Hi Jonathan  - I'm not too tech-savvy but would you recommend the Kindle to someone like me?!  I like books and the feel of 'em but they do take up space in the home and may be an alternative means to reading isn't such a bad idea.  Please advise & thanks   Sharon Carr-Wu

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I've been thinking about one of these for my wife [yeh wink] so I expect an in-depth review! Some people that I've 'talked' to love their Kindle, some are blase...


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I'm yet to receive my Kindle. There are several thousand reviews on Amazon. They can't all (if any) be a fix. You can download the software for free onto a PC or MAC. I'd suggest you do that, as I have down, then buy and book and try the experience. Your 'book' arrives the second yo payment goes through. After that I was soon convinced that it was a far BETTER experience that reading on paper. Notes and Highlighter are an unexpected bonus I had't thought about, so now I highlight and makes notes as I go along ... which I used to do on paper, or with the book on a stand next to a laptop. Go see and report back! All the best, Jonathan