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Use your brian ... We all need a Brian in our lives.

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'The digital revolution has allowed thousands of people not only to conceive great ideas but also to execute, produce them. With digital technologies, you don’t need raw materials, factories, distribution centres, stores… you can reach a worldwide audience quickly and cheaply just by using your brian.'

ChristopheCauvy, Director of McCann Group Worldwide in London,

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Can't find your mindbursts blog only an old one from 2002.


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I think there are about six Mymindbursts or mindbursts out there ... all me of course sad

This is what you need www.mymindbursts.wordpress.com

Enjoy! Though all I'm doing here is refreshing and grabbing pages from my OU blog so that when it comes to move on I have already done so. I can't see myself blogging here once I finish doing a course.