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Paper technologies?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 12 Feb 2011, 19:07

I'm reading 'Re-thinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age' (2007) Rhona Sharpe. I came across this expression in relation to how e-learning will develop coming after hundreds of years of paper-based learning.

'When our education system is making sophisticated use of e-learning it will pervade everything we do, just as paper technology does'. Diana Laurillard.

'Paper technology?'

Sounds like origami or a pop-up book.

Have I missed something?

I guess she's saying e-learning will be as universal as paper and print by which time we'll have dropped the 'e', it'll all just be learning.

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Why is this blog totally full of you every day. Who are you and why does what you say matter? Surely if you're doing this for yourself you can press the button to save it. I'm sick of scrolling for ages to find what other people say!


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There are 300,000 + OU students. If only 1% would blog and share that blog every day we'd gain so much. I spend longer reading other people's blog than I do writing this. And I write elsewhere too. It is an extraordinarily valuable way to gather your thoughts and share these with like minds.