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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 18 Feb 2011, 07:41

It took a few years to wear away most of the letters on my MAC keyboard.

I feel my nails (now trimmed, I play the guitar) will scratch away the letters on the keyboard within a month. I touch type so that shouldn't be a concern, but there are one or to Amstrad-like foibles with the keyboard/symbols, capitals choices that makes it somewhat akin to a ten year old mobile phone.


Another Kindle note to myself is to buy on demand as I read on demand

Unlike buying several books that will make their pressence known around the hosue until they are read I could find myself buying all kinds of things for the Kindle that never get read. That said, five hours short of owning a Kindle for a week I have read three books from cover to cover, highlighting and taking notes along the way. I'm half way through Vygotsky and swallowed hard through the first Chapter of Prensky early this morning.

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