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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 1 Apr 2011, 18:54

Why I am buying e-Books of books I already own.




Some books I read a chapter at a time, over several weeks. Some books, like 'The Isles' I read more than once. Try going to sleep with this in your hands. You can't you lay it on the pillow. CUT TO: Kindle version Easily tabbed forward, left hand or right. Various other books are getting the Kindle treatment, some because they work better as e-Books, anything I need to highlight and take notes on ... and because I may have four, five or six books on the go simultaneously.

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My wife insists that I throw out some of my books. Horrible process, I've achieved one heap, there's stuff that will never ever appear on kindle: Clark Ashton Smith's 'Out of Space and Time", par example.

If we go down this line, let's keep our eyes open. These are closed apps.. Let's wait until the open-source guys produce something much better.

We live in a difficult time wink


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An e-book isn't replacement technology. Or will e-books in 3d replace the pop-up book. Yale are resisting going the e-book route (wiht some titles I want anyway). And I thought of having all the Anais Nin and Henry Miller I read as e-books ... there are none of the Journals, though 70p will get you some of Miller's stuff. Having a laugh re-reading 'Time Enough for Love' Robert Heinlien which I enjoyed in my teens. I find I can read far faster in e-book form, something to go with having the print the right size.