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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 11 Apr 2011, 21:07

How do you sell the idea of blogging to others?

Try with Twitter, it's a microblog afterall and you don't have to say much.

Then pace yourself, never more than 250 words, but try, oh try, to post EVERY day. Without fail.

You need to build up a head of steam.

I would also suggest keeping all entries PRIVATE until you have 100 entries. Yep!

If you want to be read, to be rated as a blogger, first impression count, and 100 entries indicates you may make it to 1000 and beyond.

Learn to touch type.

Start filling this little white box with text.

Or have a mind-map.

Set a parameter, a word count (which would be a valuable tool here) or just set a timer.

But do it, and learn.

Read widely. Link to every and any blog you fancy. Read and leave a pertinent comment.

Make links.

Give a little of yourself. There's no need for excessive exposure or disclosure, but honesty comes from some of this.


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Janet Williams L197 R02 tutor

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'Write daily' is a big challenge.

Thanks for your reminder.

And, I would add, write and 'enjoy it'!

Design Museum

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Definately enjoy it. If however you're not in the mood, make a start anyhow. I find you can then delete the first paragraph ... or just add the point that you didn't feel up to it and why. And if you don't want anyone else to know keep the entry 'private'. Enjoy!