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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 2 Nov 2012, 23:59

'Good office design can produce powerful learning environments. But much of that power comes from incidental learning'. Brown 2002:17

People often find what they need to know by virtue of where they sit and where they sit and who they see rather than by direction communication.



Brown, J.S. (2002) The Social Life of Information



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That number at the bottom of your blogs wouldn't be the number of visitors that you've had, would it? That would be bordering on...deserved I suppose. wink

I've been off-line off-and-on recently, so I haven't been keeping up with the zeitgeist as much as I should. Would I be right in thinking that the OU has scooped you up into its maw? I do hope so.

Us bloggers are strange cattle, it's not a solitary road, but perhaps one less-travelled.  When I fancied stopping there you were, do one more neil.

Thank you Jon, for who you are and what you represent. Life is a journey, the OU is a journey and you made it one to be written about.

That said...

..enough. said I think, I can have a go at you later...and I will.




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It is the page views. And probably explains in part why I find myself working at the OU plannning how to do the same with additional 000s on the end for them.Only here because there are no other analytics and out of habit I follow the rise and fall of daily page views. Far easier to do in Wordpress or my old diary in the glorious 'diaryland' which started in 1999.

While I'm here, I wondered if you knew, is there a programme for creating Population Pyramids from raw data?