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  1. Doing it the Open Way 'Voices and Texts'.

  2. Floating Along Gina Collia-Suzuki Art History Murder Mystery

  3. Freelance Unbound Making a living out of the crazy world of the business press

  4. From GCSE Maths, to Rocket Scientist...

  5. History of the OU Where students, staff and alumni share their OU experiences

  6. Isabella Black A215 Creative Writing having recently finished the A174 Start Writing Fiction.

  7. Lucienne Boyce's blog In 2006 I completed an MA in English Literature with the Open University, specialising in eighteenth century fiction.

  8. My Open University Life My Plan to get a Honors Degree Natural Sciences (Astronomy)

  9. My Open Experience My name is Hayley and I am a young student studying towards a Humanities Degree with a Philosophy and Religious Studies specialism

  10. Mathematics => A Blog Mathematics diary

  11. Meg Barker's Blog A lecturer in psychology teaching mainly on counselling courses: Counselling - Exploring Fear and Sadness. A counsellor adn writer on issues around relationships and sexuality.

  12. My Mind Bursts Reflections on e-learning as a MAODE student then Social Media Manager for the Open University Business School


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Nigel Timothy

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Thank you very much for putting up a list of blogs in you blog. I am doing DD131 and often read the blogs on other entries section. I have seen some of the blogs and am mesmerised.

Thank you very much again. It has given me more ideas and creativity for my own blogs.

N smile


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I'm in the next list...right?


Design Museum

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These blogs are featured on the OU Platform - that hidden conuopia of social media brilliane. I'm also adding blogs I've come aross that are not in this list, for example Andrew Sulivan's 'daily dish'.