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Student : What's in a word?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 26 Feb 2012, 06:19

A subtle shift.

Perhaps we'll come one day to consider the word 'student' derogatory - why?

Because it's a put-down that places the educator at a higher level.

We're in it together, learning always and often playing dual roles as learners and the learned.

This is the equalizer with social media learning/education.

We're all in it together, always were ... always are.

So good-bye to the 'B' arc.

Douglas Adams

Gatekeepers serve no purpose and are easily and immediately ignored.

I'll expand on this in any way you wish:

  • Debate
  • Broadcast
  • Print
  • Down the pub

I'm an enabler, keen to bring the best out of others, I am after all (or was) a professional coach of elite swimmers.



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wow, big topic!

I think that what you are saying is that we need a diversity of opinion. Otherwise, we risk, say [and I know that this is unlikely], a global financial melt-down because a select few may take a wrong view.

But you also, se

em to, say that we should be precious about our words, don't use educator because it's a loaded word that divides.

I agree with diversity, I worry about words; I think that, for English, sentances are more important. Open your big book of Shakespeare, you know what he's on about without necessarily understanding all the words.

Nobody who has ever 'educated' anyone has come away without learning something. The words aren't loaded, we are.





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I've read your post again and I've got you wrong. But I'm not going to delete my post because it says something.


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No keep going i dip in with this thoughts and would love to stop and discuss.

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Nick, ‘the words aren’t loaded we are’ if you mean that the word ‘student’ isn’t derogatory the way we interpret it is, I will agree with you.  The influence of culture on behaviour and our societies that are deep-rooted in preconceptions determine how we interpret words. 

Sentences allow the writer to offer their interpretation though do we read (interpret) what is written in the way we are expected to by the author – if you get what I mean!

KR / jo