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Are you a Tablet Agnostic, Atheist, or Evangelist?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 2 Jul 2011, 05:16

Or is that device agnostic?

Quite right too, though my life was easier when it was all Mac. I'm working on some ideas in relation to Martini-learning.

You know the thing, having a Smartphone or iPad that you can use (cue the music) 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere.'

It's just learning folks.

Whether you add an i, an e or an o, as in iLearning (interactive), eLearning (electronic) or online learning. Not forgeting web-based learning which it was called c1998 to 2005?

I am reflecting on how best to introduce new anything to people.

As a professional swimming coach I think a good metaphor is teaching adults to swim. I can get the motivated person to a full Triathlon in 18 months and an Iron Man in Five Years.

It all starts in what used to be called the 'baby pool' or training pool. Just get into your costume and get your toes wet might be a start. I am ok with many blogging platforms, I've observed their progress with a rye smile for over 12 years and have a habit of giving them all a go.

I am getting used to Linkedin.

Next stop a master class in Twitter and Facebook (where all three Jonathan Vernons are I regret to say me ... Getting unstuck, not feeling comfortable with the 'collective' me.

A simple exercise with a tablet I feel has been to have had access to an iPad for three weeks but only used the wifi connection. I now have the sim card in.

So work doesn't just come home, it can be 'enjoyed' 'indulged' or 'executed' from a Wendy House at the bottom of my mother's garden.

Here's the rub.

I have to be indoors because the reflection on the icey glass surface of an ipad gives me more cloudworks on the keyboard and screen than I need. For reading at least it is back to the Kindle.

P.S. Having not used my mobile phone for a week, and not missed it, this like Television, might be a piece of technology that like my Psion and Palm One before, have had their day.

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It's interesting Jon, you often see life as a form of swimming, I see it as a form of chess. You're a better swimmer/swimming teacher than I am a chess player. But do we need to see learnig life through a lens of some other activity?

Not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I'll say it anyway wink


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It is a valid comment, indeed one we have discussed (a paper by Sfard on use of metaphor). The danger is that a metaphor can skew how you deal with a problem. I could have used skiing or sailing anologies too. I like to visualise things so recently I've done images of concentric rings with satelitte like blobs and 'spheres' of influence regarding websites, blogs and social media. These are comprehensible to audiences when I present, but faced with other topics I have dripped ink into a glass tank of water to suggest how messages soon diffuse in cyberspace. Others do this with charts and figures. What is more persuasive though?

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But I worry that we eschew a metaphor at  a great cost. Fenyman himself always started there.

My other worry is that you are going to discuss your way out of me being different.

This is a tricky, tricky, impossable thing that you are doing, I'll try to help you by critisizing everything that you say or do. I can do no more wink

Be aware that you have support!!



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It sounds pretentious only because whilst embracing 'Activity Theory' I cannot always use the argument lucidly, but Engestrom (search through the blog) presents an idea of how people or communities/groups communicate and learn from each other; when too people start to agree with gushing enthusiasm I'd worry, something else is going on. It is the very act of coming from a different stance that we as individuals begin to form ideas that are in effect beyond our current understanding, and when these 'objects' of understanding collide fresh thinking for both parties occurs.