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Masters in Open and Distance Education: Module H800: WK21 My Personal Learning Environment

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 13 July 2011, 21:42


From this consider Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) vs. Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and I come away, as I often do, seeking a compromise, the best of both - a basic, easy to use, and reliable VLE with students who may come with nothing, or a good deal, but was I have done will over the course of a couple of favourite tools and ways of doing things.

The two are like dripping coloured ink into a fish tank. My fingers aggitate between the two.

Until Google takes over all of it, there are too.

In my case I've gone from an old Mac Book and printing stuff off to having everything online, using blogs like e-portfolios and switching between an iPad and a laptop.

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That is the prettiest I have seen so far, really like the very visual and colourful way your PLE is presented - what did you use?

Agree we use a lot of web 2.0 tools in our every day lives, some without thinking, but there will always be a handful we could not do without.

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This is mindcreator, an ipad App. Increasingly I find I use App search to look for a tool. I now had a to do listvapp, a drawin app ... And numerous others, some of which are indispensible.

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Hi Jonathan

Very nice! and on the ipad too its and interesting turn for me I started on paper went to power point and eventually realised my PLE is already online in electronic form.

All good stuff, the module has just started becoming extra interesting at the moment. Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts.