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Ten page views today, a hundred tomorrow, a thousand before the year is out?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 8 Aug 2011, 20:43

Achieving a thousand page views for a blog per day takes time if your content is all you've got; I'd like to get others up to 10 per day, then a 100; it grows on you.

A thousand takes a year, a decade ago it took a couple of weeks. You had to know what to write, and where to write it. What's changed?

Here the interest is clear. How are you getting on with your course? What motivates you to keep going? And especially share when you are stumped and about to throw in the towel.

We've all been there.

My mistake a decade ago was to do exactly this ...

Have reasons to stop, so simply cut off the water. I said nothing to The OU or anyone. I just stopped. Had I shared my dire straits I know the community would have given me a reality check and put me back on my feet.

Some of the blogs featured in my student blog here achieve 10k, even 20k a day. Though these are highly commercialised, linked to the hilt and featured in national and international press.

Andrew Sullivan is the million views a month man.

The ONE thing they all do is so, so, easy to achieve.

Every day. Something. A picture and comment will do. What's that expression, 'a penny for your thoughts' that's all they do some days. If you want tips on putting pics in here ask, it took me a few months to figure it out ... then do something quicker and easier.

Other days of course these mega-bloggers come in with serious commentary and opinion, they take a stance. These are NOT academics, they are citizen journalists with an opinion, a point of view, even a political, cultural, or religious bias. But you know where they stand. That's the point. It helps to know that you strongly agree, or strongly disagree with these people.

This is where academics stumble, or rather sit on the fence. Academics can't debate, it is like watching toothless geriatrics argue over a chicken wing that they know neither can bite into.

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Ah, but are page views success? One could argue that what is popular today may be laughable in the future. Online you're almost forever [that would be about 10 years].

Euripades said things about the human condition that still resonate, he doesn't get many page views today; I'll bet he'll trickle along for a few millenia yet.

what you are saying is more important than what people hear.



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Neil, You are so, so right. So my apologies for going down this numbers thing. Better to have found two or three likeminds, than have thousands listening in (or their RSS feed looking like they are listening in).

A better judge might be comments. i.e. discussions, rather than getting onto a soapbox. But this isn't the environment for discusions, I do these (with as much enthusiasm) in Linkedin and when I've figured out how it works, using Google+.


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The trouble is, and it guts me as a mathematician to say it, is that numbers don't matter here. It's what we say.