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What next regarding e-learning?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 8 Oct 2012, 04:54

This has me thinking and going through http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/qualification/F10.htm

With the MA in mind I have done:

H807 Innovations in e-learning

H808 The e-learning professional

And will complete next month:

H800 Technology Enhanced Learning

For the 180 credits required for the MA there is no choice (unless I am misreading it) but to do the only two remaining 30 credit modules:

H810 Accessible Online Learning

H809 Practice-based  Research in Educational Technology

Or have I got that wrong?

With this in mind it's H810 in September then H809 in February 2012.

To confuse issues there are professional reasons to start the MBA programme from October. Decision time then as I won't be doing two courses concurrently. Something I tried by doing over a three year period the UKCC ASA Senior Club Coach (swimming) qualification ... 

Freedom is LACK of choice.

I look forward to H810. Search H810 in the OU Student Blogs for an idea of what it is about; we did a rich, engaging and valuable period on accessibility in H807.

I'd do H807 again as I feel it was wasted on me. It took me six months to get into the postgraduate groove and my IT skills despite being online for a decade were woefully inadequate. The disappointment is that the reading and activities cannot possibly be contemporary so that you feel as if it is 2005 at best, 2003 at worst. I expected technological fireworks; at least I understand why that is not realistic. Perhaps the model whereby a module that aims to be innovative is designed and reinvented continually?

H800 is the 60 pointer but I have found it LESS onerous that previous 30 Pointer modules, not only is it spread thinner, but the pace is adjusted, the roll-over and degree of repetition embeds the learning outcomes and a TMA as prep for the ECA is inspired.

What next is asked by many MA qualified postgraduates I am finding. We hanker after more but short of a PhD what can be offered? Indeed, I think there is a gap in Tertiarty, or should it be called 'quartertiary' education?

If offered a further choice of modules beyond the MA I'd do them ... Towards at MA+ or MA* ?? Though in truth for how the thinking is applied, as a form of CPD.

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I'm guessing that you laptop screen is working again!! So glad that i noticed the same blogger more recently before I attemped to go through possible causes and fixes!! BTW i'm no computer genious or anything, i'm just addicted to forums and so far have saved myself and f&f a nice few grand on fixing computers or cars, and luckily remember quite a bit of it! Most recently was a very tidy £775 saving on my car, strange lights appearing on the dashboard causing my beloved zafira to bunnyhop along the road, was quoted £795 from vauxhall to get it fixed which i REALLY did not want to part with...half an hour on the zafira owners forum, a trip to the local scrap yard and another 20 min back on the forum and i'd replaced my airflow sensor for the grand total of £20 plus reset the cars computer! My Nana was right, if you can read you can do anything!! I just wish the the blocks that i'm reading through for B203 would sink in as easily!


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Eeek! The Vauxhall Zafira! An MOT four days before we went on holiday became a nightmare: failed, load of fixes. Fine. Next day it broke down. I got to the Vauxhall dealer who said it was an X. They booked it in for 2.00pm the next day. I drove off and broke down permanently 10 miles down the road. I had to leave it overnight in a layby and walk/train home with the dog as I had left the mobile on charge at home sad All I had was an iPad and no one was reading emails. Next day, the day before we go on hols, I get the car, the AA are brilliant, see the real problem and get me to the garage. I had phoned ahead in case parts could be ordered in as it HAD to be fixed that day. The AA speak to the garage and leave the battery to be charged on the forecourt. I ring at 4.00pm saying I am coming to get the car ... and I am told 'we'll get someone to look at it.' It had sat there ALL DAY. Train and walk to my trusted Vauxhall garage and go slowly mad. They usually leave at 5.00pm but thankfully I am able to leave at 5.20pm with a fixed car, pack that night and 12 hours later we drive 330 miles to Cornwall without a hitch.