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Toilet Learning - Just 'situated' learning?

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53% of students (mostly undergraduates in this survey of 573 in the US) with a smartphone, typically an iPhone or Blackberry, use it in the bathroom.

Only 28% say they never do.

My only suggestion is to do as in China and wash you hands both before and after.

This gives me t-learning or should that be 'seat-uated' learning.

Situated and contextual learning requires marrying up the place and the learning being done, which could therefore be National Geographic and 'The Oldie' online?

The posh may prefer 'lavatory learning' - which would be 'L-learning'.

Lavatorum Docet

The lavatory teaches


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Made me smile! I thought why would people do that...then I realised that if I am reading I sometimes take the book with me to the toilet...and really, that's no different!l
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But it's true ... that's the point, that people may deny it, but the research shows otherwise. So long as people don't try and read from an iPad and drive. Or operate a fork-lift truck. The staggering thing is how people fill micro-moments. I lost my cool with kids on holiday all in a row fiddling with smartphones as I tried to have breakfast. This was the holiday where kit had initially been banned in favour of books, a guitar and drawing pads. There were three laptops, nine mobile phones, a Kindle and iPad ... and a DVD player. Arriving early I asked if the TV could be hidden, it was. Made no difference, they streamed a film onto a laptop and watched it regardless.