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Google Translate from German - not text book, but surely adequate for comprehension and communication?

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New media and the participatory web have transformed my life from scratch. Thanks to the new media and in general the information and communication technology, I am learning, working, I enjoy myself and communicating, I, unlike in my youth. The computer-based communication tools have given me in almost all my activities greatly helped me expanded but also in many ways. I will inform and amuse me, write, teach, drive, buy, travel, listen and speak using other devices, which also means that both storing and holding of data and the transmission of information is different. My account is almost lost ancient traditions and the use of new media has become a way of life. I spend time to learn to send messages regularly to explore unknown things and learn many new things. Very often I use Wikipedia, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Google Earth, and every day I read excerpts from the online press, e-books Some forums with the participation of the user and various blogs. Oddly enough, the time element is reduced in my workflow! Everything has become faster and I love the pace of work, as I work under tight deadlines. The hooks were just superfluous, flooding and unreliable at times. I especially like the access and immediate use of the information. I prefer internet dictionaries, Web sites (the first was published on 13 November 1990) and e-books before. Moreover, I find the procedures in the study and teaching because of the multi-media forms of communication much better and more effective. OU courses have informed myself with gusto into new and entertain. The new media have enabled me to better work performance and a professional presentation of my work. My social interactions have increased recently thanks to the e-mail, Skype, video conferencing and mobile phones. More often, and regardless of Zeitz
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