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Advice on protecting an email address

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 6 Sept 2011, 03:58
Spam is a thing of the past, however, as my password jfvernon@aol.com has been compromised, everyone on my database, including people I should have bothered to delete a long time ago, received dodgy emails for pharmaceutical products. I have changed the password; is that enough?
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Any advice on how not to get your password compromised?
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Don't have one. 'strong' password of nine characters that includes digits. Change your password more often than newer in over 14 years : ( The OU expects us to change our password every 3 months and alerts as the deadline is reached. I wonder if I got 70 % through a sales transaction then stopped, forgetting the page was open?

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This has happened to me too. Whilst I cannot offer any technical advice, informing the service provider seems to have stopped it from reoccuring in my case.