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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 6 Sept 2011, 05:40


If only a 6,000 word assignment could be written by assembling all your evidence, research and notes, putting in the criteria for this four parter, then hitting a button sad

This is the Wordle version

I wonder if by doing Wordles of our work it would be possible to differentiate between a lower and a higher grade assignment on the basis of the size (and therefore frequency) of certain words?


Discussing mobile learning with my 13 and 15 year old I told them about loading all course books onto an iPad (becoming common place in Schools across North America); they both said it would be too distracting as you'd want to chat or play games.

I said what about an e-Reader, and they said that was boring, what was wrong with a real book sad

To cap it all my 15 year old has gone retro, both in her dress sence (her version of hippie or punk depending on her frame of mind), and insists on using a throw-away film camera or a functiong 1970s Polaroid camera.


The motivation has to be the content, not how it is delivered, and the end result in terms of grades, the university and career of their choice etc: I like the analogy of mobile content being like 'Chicken Tikka': whatever the means of delivery the expectation is that it is still Chicken Tikka.

'Whicever mode of delivery I choose, the meal I eat will still be Chicken Tikaa'. Luckin et al. (2005:122)


Luckin,R., Brewster,D., du Boulay, P., Corbay, S.  (2005) in Mobile Learning. A handbook for educators and trainers. Edited by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and John Traxler.


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I love your wordcloud Jonathan!


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I just love your posts - so creative smile.  When do you find time to sleep though?

Hope you get well soon smile.

Nigel Timothy

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Thank you for reminding me of the term Wordle as I saw it on someone's blog and then on yours and thought WOW! Then I forgot and had been racking my brain cells to remember it and there it was Wordle, I have looked at the site and one day play with it as I think it will be useful one day so I bookmarked it, just for reference, thank you.

N smile

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Make your own wordle smile Go to wordle, then offer it a url for a blog, though safer, cut and paste text. The above wordle was a cut and paste job of a pre-draft mixture of assignment course notes and my musings on this with references. I did three cut and pastes then hit 'go'. You get the URL of your wordle, but what I do is enlarge it, then use the Snipping tool (Microsoft standard), or photoscape, to grab and crop the screen. This is saved as a photo in Picasa offline then uploaded to Picasa Web where I have additional space and a gallery of images, photos, charts, screen grabs and so on. This is a FAR MORE versatile, manageable and longterm way to manage images online. To post you are offered several image sizes, as well as how much you permit links to the gallery where you have the image. Click on the image and it will take you to an MAODE gallery of some 250 images.