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27 Reasons to blog

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012, 05:14


I've forgotten a few, not least the ones that got me started here:

  • As an ice-breaker (introducing ourselves by way of holiday snaps and pets ... not to be recommended for setting the appropriate tone).
  • Reflection (and learning how to do this correctly).
  • Stream of consciousness
  • A Writer's Journal
  • As an e-portfolio

So I've missed out some important ones sad Visiting Channel Flip I was treated to a screening of Lee Hardcastle's new stop animation horror short. Is this blogging, or having your own TV channel?

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Lovely skirt

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Love the pic. as well as some of the reasons to blog.

However, I ONLY do the OU blog, & even then only occasionally so I don't expect any "flirt" reason to apply to me, no matter how nice it would be sometimes. +ve feedback is always nice though.

Design Museum

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This isn't an impression of A blogger, rather a compilation of all the kinds of things that go on. As I note, I managed to miss out some important ones, the straight, chronological 'log' for example. A swimmer keeps a log with sessions, mileage, state of health and best times i.e. whatever you do is personalised to you needs. For three months, separated from my fiancé, I kept a diary written for her, in ink in a leather bound book. Funny, we still have that but I dare say what we write online ,ay continue to exist somewhere but is very easily lost.


Love you blog Mr Vsmile

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That is soooo cool! big grin