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Hedging your bets or studying what might have happened three years ago?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 10 Sept 2011, 17:40

There's no reason why information and knowledge cannot be shared in a way that is attractive, memorable, comprehensible and fun.

Some academic papers, taking years to come to publication due to a protracted process are not only stultifying dull, but they are out of date (6 months ago is history if you are talking about e-learning, let alone anything Web related, what is more, the review process of these papers is akin to colleagues around the world patting each-other on the back).

No wonder they wouldn't gain much credence in the commercial world where decisions have to be made based on the bests facts TODAY about what may happen TOMORROW.

Dion Hinchcliffe Social Business Ecosystem Chart


I find thinkers/authors straddle the worlds of commerce and academia reasonably well. The experts of course are advising hedge fund managers who have an uncanny ability to know what is about to happen.

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