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24 Reasons to Blog

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012, 05:03

'Many if the characteristics which would be frowned upon in scholarly articles, such as subjectivity, humour, and personal opinion, are vital elements in developing a dialogue in blogs'. Weller (2011)

I had another stab at this (did one yesterday on the fly). This one I've given a bit more thought as I am keen to promote the idea of blogging to colleagues; the more the merrier to me. It goes under the title 'User Generate Content'.

I do wonder though if it isn't a mindset, that I'd have the same issues getting people to take up drawing or singing.

You either do or don't?


I realise that to get this right in the learning context you must define who the learner is and put it in context.


  • Why do you blog?
  • If you've just started will you keep going?
  • What's the incentive?
  • Do you have an external blog too?
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Happy at work

Keep blogging

Hi Jonathan

I am really getting into this blogging business, it's adictive for all the reasons listed in your diagram.


Great plan

Hi Jonathan

Firstly thanks for your help on the TMA and EMA thingy, feel better now i know what they stand for and where to find them.

Secondly i love your reasons for blogging - it has become a new obbession of mine and i find myself migrating here quite a few times of an evening.

Have a great evening