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Fit or misfit? How are you placed where you work with regard to innovation, creativity and change

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 18 Apr 2012, 06:58


  • The self and the organisation (i to ii)
  • Many 'selves' (individuals) as part of the organisation (iii)
  • The fit (iv)

All goes quiet as the first Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) of B822 'Creativity, Innovation and Change' looms. It's a report not an essay (this is an MBA module) that uses various tools that I employ to understand who I am, various methods to see the organisation in terms of its 'creativity' and concludes with where and if I am a fit or a misfit.

As well as SIX tables, TWO inventories and several charts (like the one above) I will also include photographs.

It may make my assignment look like a Year 9 Homework assignment but none of these affects the word count while making my point.

(Marked 79)

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It all sounds really interesting Jonathan.  Good luck with the TMA.  Do you think you will do an MBA in the future or just this module?  Have been following your blog but obviously I don't always understand the posts since I'm not studying the module, but particularly enjoy the ones about personality testing.

All the best smile.


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I'll complete the MA in Open and Distance Learning. I have no plans to do the MBA but found I could follow this module and it counts.Useful if managing teams of 'creative' people as i have done in the past.