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2012 New Year's Resolutions anyone?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 18 Apr 2012, 07:22

I always think of these ahead of the festive season so I'm prepared come January 1st. The other thing, is you can give it a bit of a go now without any feeling of obligation to make a true run of it.

Swimming and swim teaching & coaching

I will swim, not 3 times a week, but once at least. I will also return to coaching after a 9 month break: I flourished in the role and the swimmers I taught and coached did well too.

Complete B822, my fifth of six modules towards the Masters in Open & Distance Education.

I'd like to graduate in 2012 but the timing of my final 30 credit module may take me into 2013: doing two in parallel for 4 months looks foolish.

As ever, blog.

Even a picture and 30 words, but something every day. This now occurs here, at www.mymindbursts.com and in blip.foto under mindbursts.

Is 250,000 page views attainable in 2012!?

and to what end other than meeting the challenge of posting something of worth and being a 'blogger's friend'.

Four months later (End of April 2012):

  • I can report that I am coaching for between 2 and 4 hours a week and signed up to the club as a Masters so swimming with them Saturday mornings and typically twice during the week).
  • The last TMA for B822 went in, the mark wasn't great, 54, but I'm through to the exam which is next week.
  • This blog hit 180,000 views yesterday and had 1000 views in one day earlier last week. Another 70,000 views in 11 Months? Pushing it, especially as from May to August I won't be on a module.



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Made me smile, I think you set yourself proper challenges?? I rarely make New Year resolutions....I don't see the point....I can't see how the 1st of Jan will make my will power any stronger, and I suppose, I don't really make longterm plans really. I don't even know why i dont....strange...I suppose I used to have day dreams about the future though. However, this might be a family thing, I don't think any of my family have ever made a New Year resolution. I got in late last night, and funnily enough my husband started talking about 2012 goals. I suppose my goal is just to keep up with family life and not forget silly things like my son has a football match or something and so I end up having to wash sports kits at midnight etc. I don't worry about doing the dd303 course because I just know that the world would have to end for me to not give my best to it. However, I could make an early resolution to make sure I finish the short maths/stats course. I could be in danger of not completing that. Anyway, you always sound so organised and motivated (and busy!) Jonathon, so I have every confidence you will achieve yours! And thanks for making me think about it too. smile

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Good luck Jonathan.  Like Emily, have every faith you will achieve.  Got me thinking too smile.


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I just hope that next year things will be better; coming home to a pack of legal papers and a request to appear in court in France looks ominous. A hangover from a timeshare belonging to my late father in the 1980s sad