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B822 TMA01 Another 4.00 am start

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See below for my explanation regarding the orchard, an idea I develop as a metaphor in relation to tertiary education.

I have a Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) to complete

These early mornings are me, I feel like an undergrad with an essay crisis. But I'm not, and there is no crisis.

I'm on the home straight

The word count at 5,000 is way over but I'm confident that if I treat the entire thing like an exercise in Tweeting that I can make all the same points, and more while being succinct.

I will resort to bullet points

How easy is that to mark?

The frustration for someone who shares so much of his thinking is that I won't share the TMA. I may post notes, mind-maps, charts and images along the way but I'm not about to give others the chance to commit plagiarism, which I understand is a major problem.

Creativity, Innovation and Change (B822) has the potential, for me, of letting me figure out how to apply what I have gained from the Masters in Open and Distance Education (MAODE) in an innovative way i.e. how do you get ideas through. My context might be tertiary education, but could also be corporate learning, skills or training where there are bigger budgets, tighter briefs and close measurement of effectiveness.

As often is the case with these TMAs it frustrates me that I cannot demonstrate a fraction of what I have read, watched or listened to. That the block may have had 30 activities, but I can perhaps share four of these. I guess the tutor has to conclude that I could not express my thoughts, with the evidence provided, had I not done the work?

I'd prefer to submit an essay every week, or take part in an activity with the group every week, to know that through interaction I am being nudged along the right path.

Other reasons to get this out of the way: we pack to go on holiday tomorrow and last night I had to be rescued by the AA ten miles from home sad The battery has to be replaced. This, fortuitously, happens before we leave, I wouldn't like to be stuck in a motorway service station with kids, dog and clobber. Thumbs up to the AA who got to us in twenty minutes and fixed the problem in ten.

An orchard is my metaphor for the Open University

I started with a tree, which seemed apt as in 'The Tree of Knowledge' but from a business organisational stance I needed a metaphor that could translate. Metaphors do not have to be overly scrutinised to have the desired effect, but if an individual tree is a module then an orchard is a qualification and the fruit on these trees are the products that students pick. Each season a new presentation. Taking this thinking into the real world I have been spending time at a local Orchard in East Sussex that has had to diversify over the last twenty years and has done so successfully.

What do you think?

a) about the value of metaphor (big in H800)

b) about the metaphor I have chosen about the institution we all love?

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ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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I love metaphors, though ones I haven't heard before I'm prone to taking literally if it makes sense to do so.  I think your metaphor is a beautiful one and I like it very much.
Design Museum

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Thanks Rosie. You're right that if someone doesn't relate to a metaphor that they can take it too literally and use this as an argument for the metaphor being invalid. I often use the metaphor of the 'digital ocean' and even a 'digital water-cycle' but had someone recently take strongly against it because he couldn't see a placevfor a microchip or circuit-board.
Lovely skirt

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Hmmm! Not good on metaphors. I'm just a maths/Physics geek, really.

Happy Christmas! big grin

Ingrid Snow

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Hi Jonathan,

nice picture, Great metaphor, makes me feel really good reading itsmile I would love you to expaine your water metaphors, if it wouldn't raise to much provication, they sounded nice.


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Great metaphor Jonathan.  Have a great holiday smile.

Design Museum

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The water metaphor is used everywhere in this blog, typically to describe Web 2.0 and my sense that all digital assets once reduced to binary code flow like water molecules in the Water Cycle we learn about in school geography. I often describe putting content online like dripping ink into an ocean, that has currents which move it around. Go explore! 'digital ocean' in tags or as a search term in my blog will provide 5 further posts on the topic.