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I get to read this twice or three times a year when I visit my mum and step father; they have copies within reach in the downstairs loo. I love the jokes and the articles I stumbleupon. I enjoy the take on technology and life for the retired. The old still have wise words. I may also have found somewhere inexpensive to stay in London during the Olympics: LSE. I'll be poolside covering the water-polo for two weeks.

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Ha ha, my Uncle just subscribed my grandmother to this magazine!  It's very good!
Joy Sept 13

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You must spend a long time in the loo, Jonathan!  The Oldie is a seriously good read.  I've got a subscription even though I'm a very young oldie.
Design Museum

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I do have a tendency to retreat for a while to read through current and back issues.

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Ingrams was a friend to my Granddad and I'm sure my Uncle bought this magazine for that reason in the first place.  Handy that it's actually worth a read! 

Happy New Year to you Jonathan.  Thanks for swinging by my blog ;)

I look forward to hearing of your guitar endeavours!  How did you get along with the Joseph Spence number by the way?!