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The last of the bunch: daisies that think they are assignments gone wrong

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 2 May 2014, 14:22

The exotic essay. What happens if you choose an elective that isn't your cup of tea. So you write about what interests you hoping that you'll get marks for being obtuse.

I think I'm losing the plot now or getting into my flow: Olympics, Wimbledon, Grand National, Grand Prix. There are many occassions when NOT to write an assignment.


A podcast. Who needs the written word when you can say it with a smiley voice?

Lost the plot. Bitty. Random notes with. No beginning, middle or end.

An odd thing. A poem perhaps? Or an essay with a split personality that wasn't much improved by putting bells on it.




Any excuse will do: gone fishing, got a cold, computer ate it, dog ate it, parents unwell, children unwell, busy at work, made redundant (again) ...

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Thank you. I've had a bad day - and this made me smile.smile

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The exotic essay...making me think French slim sophisticated lady and that Melvyn Bragg says that French philosophy aspires to be written so no one can understand it! Oh, I was wrong before, it's not a big speech bubble, but a massive bubble gum bubble!! Sorry Jonathon...feeling still very silly...have had alcohol and adrenalin today! And paracetamol and nurofen, but no aspirin, think thinning blood is not good idea...definately going to be asleep within tem mins...though...oh dear husband is now competing with me saying he feels poorly now! Noight night!

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Jonathan - that was sad to read sad

Emily -

That's weird Em I just called you bubbles lol smile be careful with the pills and drink mix there :/ ?? !


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That last one and the list that goes with it is hypothetical; I am well, the kids are well, I have NOT been shown the door. Rather than fishing I am likely to be walking the dog, I have also returned to teaching swimming or I could be drawing. I should be writing! All these excuses are what author Steven Pressfield calls 'resistance'. I'm skilled at the fine art of resistance. Delighted to have put a smile on some faces. I drew these pen onto paper but also use a Wacom board and stylus with software like Art Pad.