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As they're not offered in any detail I don't fret, but for the first time in 2 years, in fact in after about 735 days blogging on this OU platform (most days, sometimes more than once) I thought I start taking a look at what is going in.

I need to pull this apart a but further. I need to look at year on year, at course starts, particularly MAODE modules as well as seasonal and weekly shifts. Perhaps time of day.

Not that anyone needs to know 'when is the best time to blog on the OU Student platform'.

The answer is a little and often (and never miss more than 2 or 3 days in a row)

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Lovely skirt

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The other option is what nosey parkers like to look at. I bet if you put a Porn image of some sort in your blog or "alternative" subject with image should be attended often & then by a niche group you'd be the talk of the town.

Go on, wear some sexy knickers, go jogging with a skort on & you'll be very popular, I'm sure.

I'll wear the knickers for the photo if you'd like, but it wouldn't be as good.

Design Museum

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You're right. The 90-9-1 rule still applies: read, comment, write. Most glance as if at a Noticeboard they pass each day, which is why this platform, part blog, part blog-roll or bulletin board works. 0ver a decade ago when I first blogged I slipped into the 'crowd pleasing' made of erotica and porn because it caused a jump in the 'viewing figures' but I tired of the untruth in it, not that I don't like writing fiction.