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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 7 Mar 2012, 16:01

Group Fair Presentation

Elective 1

Getting to know each other
Offering something / wanting something
Group hum
Activities rushed

(people use their old picture of themselves before they look old)

"to socialise what's happening, exercise emotional intelligence, organise."


22 in a space for 100 

Divide by Facebook, active or very active.
Divide by part of the country (mostly midlands)
Divide by small or large,private or public companies.
Advice for TMA
Stick to your plan
Stick to the question
What gets you credit

MOSTLY small 1-25 people.  MUST do this and bring LinkedIn groups to the real world. TMA may use networking online to group solve a problem.

Elective 2

Vet and perceptions
Did I see the monkey or am I making the stuff up?
Zimmerman M 1989 The nervous system and the context e.g. David McAndless. individuals are different.
13 or B
Emotional biases
Hot states
Cold states "eddies and currents that steer us.”. Ben

How do you destroy the illusion?


The implication for creativity?

If you have different motivations you will see different tings.

Tagged with significance.
2002. A picture is worth a thousand lies.

"Humans are very good at knitting patterns from very little information." Ben 2011

Assumptions - light from the sun
Anchoring - last four digits of phone number and how many doctors are there in London.

Ley lines and Stonehenge and the same between Woolworths stores in the North East.

Same same but different. Thialand.
If everything's the same creativity is stifled. BEN
Ability to reflect.
Acquire - Analyse - Act

Pulled apart by:

Fundamental attribution
Confirmation bias
Focused on those in white at shirts bouncing a ball. Made it into a competition.
Definition Chaos
Physical state and nature or arousal Affects decision making e.g. Skiing.
MBA for grown ups.
We all have mini-models of how the world works.

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"Humans are very good at knitting patterns from very little information." Ben 2011

I love this Joanathan!