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1. Don't compare your work to others.
2. Don't give up when presented with an obstacle.
3. Ask for help. You can't be an “island” out on your own.
4. Don't be afraid of change.
5. Plan.
6. You can do it.
7. Don't blame someone else for your failings.
8. Work on yourself or try to improve.
9. Don't let past failings hold you back from future successes.
10. When something isn’t working fix it.
11. Your dreams are not too big.
12. Don't expect someone else to come in, work their magic and save the day.
13. Express gratitude for what you have.
14. Treat others as if they mean something to you.
15. Do professional work.
16. Forgive yourself and others for mistakes.
17. Choose friends who strengthen your dreams.
18. Keep Learning. You’re never smart enough.
19. Don't give a monkeys what others will think of you.
20. Just get on with it.
21. Be persistence.
22. Promote and sell it your only child.
23. Trust your instincts.
24. Good enough is better than never at all.
25. Keep creating.
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I do really agree with all remarks in your post.

I find it quite valuable and felt like thanking you for this piece of profitable information.

Again, thanks.


Jameela Bi

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Thank you for this, very much appreciate it.  I've been looking for signposts of affirmation anyway.

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I like your thinking, Jonathan.  Great list. smile