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50 is the new 75

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I've aged a decade since I turned 50 last September:

That one grey hair keeps coming back. I've pulled it out a few times. My right temple is going to end up bald or grey.

I am overwieght, OK that took time. But the blood test that says I have high cholesterol is overnight.

If my career had a peak it was 23 years ago. I'd feel more like 75 if I could retire, but I can't.

I swam the other day with a club. I've stopped red meat and most milk product and go vegetarian on Monday. So one last cassoulet over the weekend?

Stop moaning. Whilst I can't turn the clock back there's no reason I can't have the body of a 40 year old and the mental agility of a 20 something (I am after all studying at a university).


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ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Blimey.  I've got heaps of grey hair!  Everyone denies it, but facts are facts.  You're doing very well indeed!

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That's the spirit Jonathan smile.

Oliver Thomas

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Today, you are my muse! Thank you.