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I've done this before and been evanlegical; I'm doing it again for health reasons and intend to moan all the way.

Farm shop visit no longer lamb, beef and suasages, but veg.

So I will make some fantastic soups.

I'll have mushroom risotto, which is the next best thing to a beef stir fry.

I am roasting all kinds of vegetables in the oven to make a vegetable stock to die for.

My in-laws are vegetarian, my daughter is vegetarian. I will do the same ... until. Well, the cholesterol levels drop below X. And I am a trim 12 stone.

So I swam with the club this morning at 7.20 am and feel great. Taking several teaching sessions afterawards I wished I too could be 8 or 9. These are watersprites, I'm a hippo.

P.S. I am meant to be writing a TMA sad

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The sum extent of our vegetarianism was my four year old announcing he wasn't going to eat any meat because he was going vegetarian, except for Nannas sausages and chicken burgers because she had bought them for him and it wasn't fair to leave them uneaten in the freezer.  Now he is nagged into eating veg!

Please put up some recipes because money is tight, meat is soooo expensive and my limit is using up veg by chopping it and mixing it with tinned tomatoes, garlic and pepper and telling Jon it is ratatouille or bubble and squeak

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Sounds like you're doing well.  All the best with the assignment!
Design Museum

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I had some chicken after all of that, but I stopped short of eating the skin and didn't wrap it in bacon.

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Good luck with the tma Jonathan and the vegetarianism (is that a real word?).  Don't be roasting your vegetables in dripping though!!!