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20 Benefits of Mobile Learning

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 10 Dec 2012, 22:27

20 benefits of mobile learning

  1. Convenience and flexibility
  2. Relevance
  3. Learner control
  4. Good use of 'dead time'
  5. Fits many different learning styles
  6. Improves social learning (i.e. Communicating with peers and experts)
  7. Encourages reflection
  8. Easy evidence collection
  9. Supported decision making
  10. Speedier remediation
  11. Improved learner confidence
  12. Easily digestible learning
  13. Heightened engagement
  14. Better planning for face-to-face
  15. Great for induction
  16. Elimination of technological barriers
  17. Designed once; delivered across multiple platforms
  18. Easily trackable via wifi
  19. Cost-effective build
  20. A means to recoup money


Dr Chris Davies, Head of the e-learning research group, Oxford Prof. John Traxler, Prof. Of Mobile Learning



(accessed 8 September 2011)
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