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Revising for an exam

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 1 Apr 2012, 07:59

I know what it takes but don't feel that the course has prepared me for a written exam.

We need to have been writing an essay a week, not one every six weeks.

Then, armed with your best essays you reduce these down to key themes.

From these themes and a list of must have authors I dream up a few mnemonics and mind maps that I can 'dump' onto a blank sheet in the first 5 to 10 minutes so I have these as an aide memoire.

Recalling distant early summers revising for exams I am doing all of this in the sun, either on the South Downs or today on the shingle beach at Seaford.

There are three course books and three blocks.

I am ploughing through these at the rate of 3 hours per day reducing each to key thoughts and must have ideas. I'll then test myself repeatedly until I can get a good range of ideas and evidence onto a sheet. Whilst I don't like exams I can there is no alternative, that assessments alone sent in electronically are too prone to patchy work even plagiarism, that being galanised to get the right stuff into your head means something, all the better if it is applied.

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Sounds like a good plan Jonathan smile.  When's your exam?  I'm starting to panic and mine is in October.  Haven't done an exam for 4 years.  Think I need to revise more during the module, but it never seems to work out that way.

Good luck.

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The exan is on 24tht April. i haven't done an exam in 28 years,, unless you count an hour long multichoice for ASA Levels 1 & 2 Swimming Teaching! I know he score: planning and effort sad

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Yep, planning and effort are the indgredients.  Good luck Jonathan.  You can do it.