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Pegging to remember a set of facts

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 3 Apr 2012, 07:14

On having come up with he anagram 'Van Beck Climb' to remember the 12 precepts of 'Creative Problem Solving' (COS) (see below in this blog) I found I kept forgetting what each letter refered to I therefore visualised entering the house and in turn:

Seeing a set of hockey sticks to represent 'value of play ', while sitting on the stairs there is an adopted girl with a broken chess set to represent 'adopt the set to break sets'. Further up on the wall there really is a framed drawing of my wife 'nurturing ' the children to represent 'nurture the givens' while I imagine a far larger painting on the landing to represent 'broad picture, local detail'.

There are many doors to 'explore' and people with whom I should 'connect and be receptive to' while I must 'know what I really want'.

In a large lounge there are many people. To meet them all I am on a bike so 'cycle often and close late' however my clothes are 'loose' and i fall off so need to 'involve people', there being so many I 'manage the process' and finally 'build up to knock down'. Or some such.

Having got this straight I then hope to add detail, make sense of it all and have a few authors such as Handy and Schon to quote.

Will I get a question on this?

Do I need to? Even sime of it i'd certain to come up as these precepts are vital to the creative problem solving techniques as taught.

Looking at one exam question it said take ONE precept and write about it sad

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Great ideas there Jonathan.  I remember studying something similar in one of my modules on memory, but at the time I didn't really take to the techniques.  I may try again with this exam though and 'peg' my key words around the house..  You make it sound really interesting. smile

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Or a terrible distraction. The problem is needing a healthy set of 'mind dumps' for each of the three blocks. And to know what I'm talking about! In the ancient past I had teachers who created revision notes. There's a saying, 'garbage in, garbage out' I'd hate to risk learning the wrong stuff.