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Suddenly feeling part of a generation that has had their chance and done their bit

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A niece gets engage, another gets married and a colleague takes himself off to hospital feeling something isn't right and has a heart attack. Pefect place and timing. An operation the same night and he is fine. Might have been me, might as well have been. From a biological point of view once we've reproduced and raised them to adulthood what's our purpose? When nieces get married I think of my brother and sisters and wonder if our job is done. So what do are parents in their mid-80s think? Time to fit in another OU degree? I would and probably will.
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Joy Sept 13

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Oh, cheer up, Jonathan.  I'm sure there's life in the old dog yet.  Summer's coming! 

     You ask what we are meant to do when our children are grown and flown the nest?  What about grandchildren (when you get them)?  They need their grandparents more than ever now, I reckon.  Their parents are too busy working, I've noticed, to give them much attention - that's where us oldies come in. 

     But don't get too bogged down with the grandkids.  You still have the rest of your life to do what YOU want to do, so decide what that is and then enjoy it.  There.  Feeling better?  No?  Oh, well, get yourself a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate instead.

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Hi Jonathan

As parents, our job is never done, believe me!!! 

You've got time to fit in a few more (maybe 5 or 6) degress before you're 80 - if you can afford it that is!!

As Joy rightly says, being a grandparent is really important too, especially if your grandchildren live near enough to you.  Unfortunately, we see our granddaughter only about once a month.  Still, we make the most of it.

Chin up, being 50 isn't all that bad smile.



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Hi Jonathon, agree with what's been said above. It's time to do the things you want to do. Make some memories that you can treasure.
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Thanks for this! We are looking forward to picking up where we seem to have left off when our first was 9 months old and we tried unsuccessfully to have a night out! We're not tied to a town for work so i want to be back by the sea at least.

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Cheer up Jonathan - come join us degenerates on the Isle of Wight - if you aren't out whooping it up at least twice a week then you must be under 70!  Aren't we supposed to be the 'gap year generation'? with financial stability, kids almost off our hands and time to do what we please?  Jon and I were late starters so our children are only 14 and 12, but time whizzes round and we are already plotting and planning what we will do in the future.  Mortality came a-knocking for me 18 months ago and I said no thanks I'm not ready yet (dammit I haven't got my degree yet! nor sailed the seven seas, or climbed a volcano.........in fact I may do that Robert De'Niro thing of ten things to do before I die, but with my budget I'll have to save up and will be 90 before I get to climb that volcano) Then and only then will I get famous for my painting and be able to go on chat shows and be extremely rude about people and be forgiven - she's an artist you know!!!
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Isle of Wight sounds good. I'm not far along the coast in Lewes. The children are 13 and 15. One has disovered a passion for cooking soups which is rather handy while the niece who got married is having the family over to California next year so I'd better get saving.