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Our memory of how to do things is often tied to the situation in which it was learnt.

Visible to anyone in the world

What does this mean for distance learning?

Is this why the odd residential school becomes such a focus and a vital memory? On the MAODE modules there are no tutor groups, nor any residential schools.

Does this make the Tutor Group Forum and the Elluminate sessions all the more important to get right?

The tutorial system of the Oxbridge Colleges does two things: it ties the learning to the personality of a tutor and it socialises learning within a small tutor group from (usually) a single college where the annual cohort may be as low as 30 and generally not far over 100.

How can this be replicated online?

The tutor relationship matters. Better and immediate tools engender the possibility of a closer relationship but the OU isn't geared up for it.

Are Associate Lecturers chosen for the e-moderating skills?


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I know this is you musing but my eldest is thinking of Oxbridge and a family friend has recommended it -  not purely for the education but for the all round experience (and I'm not talking student bar!)
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Hi Cathy, I went to Oxford ONLY for the experience and freindships wherein lies a mistake of sorts. An undergraduate 'career' packed with extracurricular activities did point me in the right career direction but it wasted what was offered by the system and approach. My only recompense is that may years later I found myself marrying the daughter of an Oxford academic ... and since then I've understood what I missed first time round.