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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 5 May 2012, 06:54


I forgot to mention this one but two months ago I was given nasty cholesterol score and a dear friend and neutrionist rather than see me on satins gave me a comprehensive health review, some don'ts and does (recipes) and some supplements.

Six weeks on and my pot belly has gone, my poo still floats and I fart a lot and my cooking range has been extended.

I was also supposed to give up alcohol and coffee; whilst the former is down to close to zero I drink even more coffee, though it is black. My vegetarian daughter is delighted and our shopping bill is down 30%.

Porridge with soya milk every breakfast, fresh pesto and pasta at lunch, home made soup in the evening sometimes turned into a casserole or with brown rice.

And as well as coaching the local swim club I now swim with it too; the extraordinary insight at being the swimmer being coached for the first time in 32 years a bonus. So a healthy mind and a healthy body, both thanks to The OU as it was while living and working up at Milton Keynes that all of this happened.

And I have an exam tomorrow. Just surving this far through the module has been an achievement as life around it has been somewhat difficult.

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Good luck for tomorrow Jonathan smile.  I thought it was today.  Hadn't read the heading a couple of posts ago.  Glad the new eating regime is paying off.


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Thanks Susan. Of course this time tomorrow i'll be a lost spirit without the comfort of a module : nothing more 'til September.

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I have given up coffee and ordinary tea for green tea (with a small spoon of sugar) and so far no cravings.  Mind you it is Tetleys -is that a proper green tea?