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Universal use of learning analytics

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 26 Dec 2020, 09:21

Another measure, another tool, yet a other invasion of privacy, or an extraordinary opportunity to help students play to their strengths and cover their weaknesses?

To manage their time,moods and lives in a way that helps them achieve?

Reading about Learning Analytics, especially the negativity and concerns, I realise that thereis considerableanalysis, physiological and mental, already, for example ranking or grading chess players, or closely mapping and following elite athletes (I come from a swim coaching background where elite atheltes are closely monitored on a wide range of factors).

Learning Analytics were once crudely represented by termly exams, per centage scores in exams, even form placings: crude, potentially demotivating, but still an attempt to identify what is going on with a student.

In the right nands, the right parents and teachers and environment, surely if understood and managed 'learning analytics' like regular visits to the GP and Dentist will help people to develop and know what they need t do and how to do it?

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