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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Thursday, 27 Feb 2014, 07:03

butof course i can't spell.


Which is very interesting indeed, as my previous three modules all had an end of module assignment in which I scored something like 57, 59 and 43.

Giving an overal score of 66% How on earth did the Open Univerity Business School MBA Award Winnder get a distinction on every paper??? She didn't do B822!

What do I take from this that I hadn't already understood?

Prepare for an assignment as if it were an exam ... except you can cheat by refering to notes and resources and even rewrite from the top. But you MUST go through the agony of getting your head around the subject first.

Not that it mattered here but to get an A or distinction would have required proximity to a peer group wanting and capable of such grades and a tutor competing with colleagues to be the very best. We just hoped to pass.

Delighted also as an MBA module is well outside my comfort zone and sphere of professional interest.

It would be niave of me to say 'one to go' and think my postgraduate student days are over. My inclination is to pick up my final MAODE module in the next 9 months then take ... another MA in history specialising in the First World War. I may decamp to the University of Birmingham for this, though the OU are running lectures at the Imperial War Museum on WW1 this July 8th where I will be tomorrow as the IWM mark the hundreth anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Flying Corps.

My grandfather was a flight cadet in 1918 after 2 years as a machine gunner on the Western Front while my great uncle had got into the RFC age 16 and was a Flight Lieutenant piloting bombers ... age 18. If you are at all interested in all thing WW1 and the impending centenary come and join me in www.machineguncorps.com.

Do you have a relation who served? Most of us did.

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Certainly, the WW1 family tree fades.  But so much 3 brothers, one came back type of half-stories from the olds.

I lived in north Devon: Rose Ash, where all the men were killed, the village died.

WW2 memories easier to retrieve, merchant navy and, I think bomber ground crew, uncle Charlie was a chindit. 

When you are 10 yrs old you always want Granddad to be a spitfire pilot - the shadow of 45 lasted 'til about the 1980 births... if you look at our culture and peers, 2/3 generations, total seepage, comics, books, films.

I'll ask my dad about the ww1 and pass it on...is all Yorkshire village stuff.


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Thanks Mat. I sat on my grandad's knee from when i can remember the only one ever willing to listen: he lived to 96 so I had ample time to get a complete record. It is hardly suprising that these conflicts are etched into the psyche of the nation.
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Congrats Jonathan smile
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Thanks Rosie! No more of those. I will look very carefully to see if an exam is involved in future. Dare I say, it's too much fuss?
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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I have found that the grass is always greener when it comes to EMA vs exam!

Generally speaking I say I prefer exams, because it doesn't allow the opportunity to waste vast amounts of time poring over my words.  But the reality is I am usually writing them on the day of the deadline, so I suppose even the EMAs I write under near-exam conditions.

Once it gets to the final stages, I find the less time I have to think, the better I perform!