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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 2 May 2014, 08:38

Going for 250,000 views before graduation. At 1000 views a week and my final module coming up why not. But why? It is'nt a qualitative thing. And I'm never about to post completed assignments. I am, as we alll become online, very aware of the context. This is no different to what we do anywhere, we behave accordingly. 12 years ago online was the Wild West.


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That's an impressive number of views Jonathan, but not surprising given the amount of thought and effort you put into blogging and the diversity of your interests.

We do live in an age where quantifying seems to matter much more, where we seem to record, compute and analyse most things on a number of different levels, not just economic.

Hope you reach your blog view target J.


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Quite a way to go yet Jonathan. Good luck. I'll help when I can. smile

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Numbers are deceptive and having the odd chat like this is far more rewarding. There is an incentive to stick around though and to share my adventures in e-learning here first.

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Well I hope you don't miss the music festival. That's if you are going this year.