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E-book, paperback or hardback?

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PDF file printed out or not? Notes taken directly on an ipad or long hand? I am tempted to buy e-books I already have in hard copy to give me a more flexible snd versatile way to read, highlight, store, order and share notes. Currently goving 'Rethinking pedagogy in a digial age' Rhona Sharp a second look, also 'E-tivities ' from Gilly Salmon and 'Preparing for blended e-learning' Chris Pegler. And refreshing myself on e-learning for disabled people by reviewing the many H810 student blogs.
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I've been thinking pdfs/ebooks on a Kobo reader.
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Kindle and iPad are all I have! My son got my iPhone and I don't have a PC, just move around from his or my wife's laptop, or something at work or the library. I keep eberything online. Books are great on the Kindle, though PDFs really need to be on a tablet.
Bren P

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I disagree! A Kindle has a matt screen and is far easier to read. Tablets tend to be shiny and overwhelming for visual hypersensitivities...... My opinion anyway smile