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Gagne's nine steps for instructional design

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 4 May 2014, 12:22

Picking through the OU Library for something on Gagné I found two great articles:

How to use Gagné's model of instructional design in teaching psychomotor skills


Using Gagné's theory to teach chest X-ray interpretation

However, no one can tell me how to put an acute accent on Gagné (neither of these reports did so).

Any suggestions?

And how to put an umlaut on Engeström.

I ask as I am fed up having this pointed out in every assignment I submit.


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With a pencil x

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Flawed suggestion, just realised, doh 21st century eh, wouldn't want to dent the screen again.

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Google will show you.  A stone age method would be to copy/paste the word from a french page or translator site
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i do all of these. I even by mistske got an acute accent on an e by pressung e and ctrl at the same time (i think) - which is all I want, not downloading the French and Finnish keyboard. PS. I swim in the sea every lunch time on Brighton beach - i'll give you some Fly drills. Get some short flippers too, they make learning easier.