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iPad and an OU Module that is entirely online

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 8 Oct 2012, 05:55

I've come far in 2 1/2 years and the OU online platforms have advanced too, but is it possible to do a module, H810, which is entirely online - without a laptop or desktop computer? What will or will not work if I try to make do with an iPad? We will see ... or after a few days I'll be scrounging around for a PC. My wife says she might get a laptop with a new smartphone she needs!?

And in this context, how suitable are the various assistive technologies? From software to hardware, screen readers to tracker balls?

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Jonathan, the only issue I can think of is if/when you have to print stuff out. Being paperless is a good idea but, as I am sure you know, often practically difficult to achieve.
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I very rarely print off these days - in fact, working as a professional proof reader for the last couple of months I find it remarkable that I never print out anything.