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H810 : Learning, Accessibility and Memory

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Ebbinghaus 'Forgetting Curve'

What does this say in relation to disabled students? What chances do we give them to record, then repeat or store components of their learning experience?



Where learning takes place at the most basic level. In relatoin to accessibility anything that hinders access to and accommodation of this process is a potential barrier or impact to learning.


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Sheena Bradley

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Looking at those graphs, it seems I need to do all reading/studying over and over and over - and some might stick. Depressing. I think I have forgotten how to study.
Design Museum

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I love the graph as it taught me to be more laid back - I take it slowlsy, sim read, put it down, read and takes notes ... share some ideas here and in the tutor groups, look at other people's notes of find other resources and move on. In truth I think I only start to get it a year after the module - which isn't very helpful for assignments sad