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Should we call it e-learning anymore?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 7 Oct 2012, 06:18


It is learning whether you prefix with an 'e', 'm' or 'b' as in - electronic, mobile or blended.

Increasingly the opportunities, particularly with learning on a hand-held computer - 20th century terms for the 21st century smart phone or table - are for 'a' or 's' learning - standing for applied or 'action learning' that is 'situated'.

For example, I use a combination of an iPad or Kindle when coaching swimmers - not just for registers, but to show images from a swim drills book.

I am waiting for the wrist or lapel badge computer - an iPad the size of a Nano or ring. Will these come to be known as 'w' learning or 'r' learning or has 'e-learning' become generic? The Google display will be one to watch.😳

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Sheena Bradley

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Hi Jonathan, I didn't even realise I could get Picasa on the I pad! I do use it on my pc to upload to OU. I forget that Google apps can get into Apples. There seem to be so many to choose from, now I have looked.
Sheena Bradley

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Jonathan, maybe you can tell me why when I use my I pad to blog on here I lose all my formatting? No paragraphs, nothing.
Design Museum

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Hi Sheena

Yes that is totally horrendous!!!

Something to do with FLASH not working. (See my last entry and comments)

I must get on to it as I worked at the OU for a year and probably know the people who could try to fix it. Hey, Simon, Jonathan, Laura ???

I sometimes lay a couple of tricks here.

I post in WordPress, then open that post in an HTML version and cut and paste THAT into this box. It usually works.

Far, far more tiresome ... I use the simplest coding.

This to break up paragraphs. Can't be bothered to do anymore because it feels so 1998.



Later I do sneak onto my wife's laptop or my son's destkop and tidy it up a tad with bold text and more line breaks - which is all you need.