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Fig. 1. Benzi, after Gianlorenzo Bernini. 'Damned Soul', 1705-07

It has taken me 33 months, my fifth module and x assignments ... 12-16 ? and for the first time three things have happened:

  • The first draft is written with two days to go.
  • The word count is only 100 or so over the limit.
  • I stuck to the treatment.
  • Its a tad journalistic at this stage, but I enjoyed it.

On top of the MA the OU has given me the tools and confidence, and in this case, the knowledge, to write.

Thanks OU!

Off to London for the day.

RA this afternoon for the 'Bronzes' Exhibition, then a presentation in the evening - me talking, 'Use of video in e-learning' at an IVCA meeting.

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Sheena Bradley

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You're not going to 'stop' after this are you?? I guess you will never stop learning/ teaching!
Design Museum

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Hi Sheena, I hope I will be learning 'til the moment I die. In fact I'll put it in my Will that I want a module on Art History to do on my death bed!
Sheena Bradley

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Ooh, I love the 'Damned Soul'. Looking forward to the Art and Art History component of my (basic) course.
Sheena Bradley


street art East London


back to the PC. Not PC.

Design Museum

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Great pic ... the 'Bronzes' at the RA was stunning. No camera allowed and I'm not going to buy a catalogue so with teenage A' level Art Studeepnt in tow I plan to do some sketches.